Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Happenings....

Wow, have we done a lot this season! With so much more to do!

A few weeks ago we had breakfast with Santa. The morning we were going to see Santa, Maddox asked me, "Mommy, what do I need to tell Santa I want?" This worked out SO perfect. We had already bought all of his Christmas gifts, so I immediately started taking inventory out loud!! I mentioned to him things I REALLY thought he would like, that were sitting upstairs in the closet ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree!! I mean, that one so worked out in my favor!!! Maggie is not buying into the whole Santa thing. Maddox has informed Santa of things that Maggie wants. He is so worried that Maggie will not get anything, because she will not sit on his lap. What a good big brother!

Mimi, Mommy, Maddox and Maggie

Maddox (on his best behavior in the presence of santa) and Maggie (who may not be getting toys because of the way she is acting, according to Maddox)

Maddox, Ethan and Santa

Cousins!! (Mallory, Adrienne, Ethan, Maddox, Maggie and Jackson)

Some of Maddox's favorite play friends are Hayden and Ella. A few weeks ago they came over to play and decorate Christmas cookies. They had a great time together, as always!


Friday night, we had dinner with the Orton's at Chuckee Cheese. Yay, for a fun night with friends! It was so nice going to a place where the kids can run around and not be made to sit in their seat for dinner. With three little ones we needed to be at a place where "A kid can be a kid!"

I will post pictures soon!! (forgot my camera that night, oops!)

Every year Maddox and I make a Gingerbread House. He LOVES this tradition. Maggie is not quite still enough for this fun craft, hopefully she can join in the fun next year! Maddox always says that we are "on a date" when just the two of us do something fun. So, we decided that while Maggie was napping, we would "go on a date and make a Gingerbread House!" I LOVE going on "DATES" with him. SO FUN!

Maddox and his work of art

2008 Gingerbread House

Saturday night we went to ride the Polar Express with my mom, aunt and cousins. It was so much fun!! The kids loved the bells, riding the train, Christmas carols, hearing the book "The Polar Express" read to them, cookies and milk, ornaments, and seeing Santa (again) was a special treat!



Kait, Maggie, Adrienne, Jessica and Mallory

Looking out the window for Santa


Sunday, we had Christmas with my Dad's family. We ate a yummy meal and visited with family that we do not get to see enough. There will be pictures posted soon!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Heart Disney World!!

We have been back from Disney for a week now, but I have been so busy I haven't been able to post about our trip. We had a great time and as always, we hated to leave!! The kids had a blast and it was even more special because their Mimi was there to ride all of the fun rides with them.

Favorite Rides:
Maddox- has been, and seems like will always be "Buzz Lightyear" He cannot get enough of this ride. The lines were fairly short while we were there, so we would ride, get off the ride, and then ride again... times 20. As you may remember from previous post, Matt and I are so competitive that we would try to beat each other on how many points we could get. Therefore, the ride became more about who got the most points than Maddox riding his favorite ride. Pretty sad and selfish, huh???

Maggie- "Winnie the Pooh" was her favorite ride by far. She would wave to each character as we rode by them... and I do mean everyone of them. She would get so mad as we would wait in line and the honey pot in front of us would load and move on. You have never seen a fit pitched like this one. She could not believe that the honey pot would seriously "drive off" without her. All the while, Maddox standing there saying "this ride is for babies!"

Both kiddos- "It's a Small World" was a huge hit for both of them. Has anyone (Ok, I'm talking about adults here) ever been on that ride and not noticed how it NEVER ENDS?? But, it's for the kids! The smile on their faces is so much better than the ride itself.

This time, there was a new "Toy Story" ride at Hollywood Studios. It was a fantastic ride! Can you believe people would wait in line 85 minutes for 1 ride?? Our family does not have the patience for that. We did wait 40 and can I tell you that it was quite possibly the longest 40 min. of my life... but so worth it!

Maddox thought the Monorail was AMAZING!! Definitely a highlight.

Anyway, enough chatting... here are the pictures







And... for all of you bama fans, we were still supporting THE TIDE while on vacation!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Pumpkin Day!

Maddox requested that Maggie be Piglet

Cowboy Maddox (AKA Moe, from Veggietales... don't ask!)


Wednesday, October 22, 2008


First, let me say, I am in love with white pumpkins this year!! I think they are so beautiful, maybe not traditional, but I like them!


To begin my story, we (me, Maddox and Maggie) went to the pumpkin patch with my mom, grandparents, aunt & uncle, and my precious little cousin Ethan.
Maddox loves playing with Ethan, he says they are "Best Frems"!!


Maggie wasn't thrilled about sitting on the HAY! I think she is kind of a city girl. (So this is the only picture you will see of her)


While there, we take this exciting hayride to the pumpkin patch and on the way I am thinking, selfishly, about the beautiful white pumpkin that I am going to encourage Maddox to pick. When we arrive I am immediately drawn to the white pumpkins. "Oh Maddox, look at how beautiful these are!! They are so pretty and WHITE!!"

"Well, Mommy, I think I need to look at ALL of the pumpkins first, before I chose one." he says.

Being the Mommy that wants everything on the front porch to look "perfect" I am not overly excited about what he picks up and then says...

"Mommy, this is the one I want. I LOVE IT, IT IS PERFECT!!!"



If your wondering if Maddox's pumpkin made an appearance on our doorstep (well, here you go)....

Please notice the stem. Isn't it pitiful?? When Ethan saw "the chosen one" that Maddox had so carefully selected, he said "Maddox, I don't think that one is going to make it!" I must say that in my mind, I agreed with him.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bath Time


We love bath time at our house, but I have a question for all of you Moms (or Dads) with kiddos.

Do you give your kid(s) a bath in the morning, at night, or both??

I have always (since Maddox was born), been a big fan of night time baths. I just think that there is nothing like going to bed clean, relaxed and smelling good. But lately, I have thought morning baths may be better. It would help them start their morning off fresh and clean, and their hair wouldn't look like a rat had been sleeping in it.

So... what do you think?? I have a poll set up on the right side of the page, Please VOTE!!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Pup-Pup Golf


We are at the beach this week and I just had to tell you this funny story.

We all know, and accept the fact that Matt is an avid golfer, which makes this story even more hilarious!! Being the two competitive people that we are, we made a bet on who would win our fun little match in Pup-Pup (as Maddox calls it).

He of course gave me strokes on the front and back nine to even the game up a bit (we already see his confidence in me!) Our bet was... "whoever loses has to give both kids a bath and put them to bed, AND the winner gets to chose where we eat dinner." I was determined to win, DO OR DIE!!! Too much was at stake here!!

Let me first state that I kept score. I do NOT cheat. I get super upset when I catch "someone" cheating when we have placed a bet. Also, when that "someone" does cheat, I can read it all over his face. Not a very good cheater, which is a good thing!

So, we get the game started. After the first 3 holes we are tied at 10 pts. and I am feeling good about the fact that I will have the night off! OK, I will not completely bore you with all of the details, but lets just say that I hit TWO "holes in one," Maddox hit a hole in one, and the one who plays golf every chance he gets, did not get even ONE hole in one!! So, at the end of the game Matt and I were TIED straight up... 50-50. Can you believe it?? Yes, I realize that is not a good score, but I was just so excited about the fact that I didn't lose!! Actually, I won because of the 8 (yes, 8) stokes he gave me.

I have to admit, I am a sore loser when I bet. Matt, on the other hand, always "pays up" with a smile on his face! What a great husband I have :-)

I got the night off and enjoyed every minute of it!! Nice!!

What a great family night!!

Maggie loved being strolled around the course and being the "ball-holder."

Maddox played a great game, which his score for each hole was whatever number he called out. This picture was him right after his Hole in One!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My 15 (+3) things that I'm not afraid to admit...

A couple of my friends, (Stephanie and Jennifer, check out their 15) have done this and I started thinking about it. So here goes...

1. I do not like making decisions. Even simple stuff, like what we are having for dinner.

2. I hate that I love to drink coke, no not diet coke... Regular!

3. I will talk to strangers all day long, but I hate to speak in public. It makes me a nervous wreak.

4. I have a humongous fear of something happening to one of my kids.

5. I have never tasted beer, or smoked a cigarette.

6. I strongly disagree with people who say that your high school and college years are the best years of your life. I am living my best years NOW and hope they only get better.

7. I am scared of the dark, scary movies and haunted houses. Halloween is my least favorite day of the year.

8. The worst year of my life was when I was 18. I always thought it was going to be the best year because my birthday is 8.18.81 ~ I know that is weird.

9. I would love to play (and be good at) tennis. I took tennis in college and loved it!

10. I sometimes feel like I obsess over being organized, but my time management skills could use a lot of work.

11. I love to shop by myself.

12. I am a great starter, but not so good at finishing. I hope I do not pass this on to my kids.

13. I do not like it when people brag. I think it is a sign of insecurity.

14. I wish we still lived in our first home, but since that is not the case... I hope we never move again. I want my grandkids to play in the backyard where their parents grew up.

15. Matt is the only guy I have ever kissed.

16. I am a peacemaker. I feel nervous when I sense strife.

17. I am not a pet person. I have never gotten along with the pets I've had.

18. I felt the need to do 18 things instead of 15, because I like that number better.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Since we first found out that we were having a boy, almost 5 years ago, Matt has been looking forward to the day that his son would play t-ball. We have kept our fingers crossed that he would pick up a ball and love it! This past year when it came time to sign up for fall ball we knew he was old enough to play, but he would for sure be the youngest on his team, since he had just turned four. We asked him if he wanted to play t-ball and he said "Sure!" We signed him up and he has had games and practices for the past 3 weeks. He enjoys it as long as there is action, when he is in the outfield he would rather sit in the grass. It is just too cute seeing all of these little boys play ball. They look like little puppies out there chasing the ball. Where ever the ball is hit, they all flock to it, no matter where they are suppose to be playing. We have really enjoyed this season so far. Oh, and I'm thinking about signing up to be "Team Mom" next season... doesn't that sound FUN!!









Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gi ~ My little BIG girl!

When Maggie was born she was 5 lbs. 4 oz. Very small, but she has been playing catch up ever since. Now, she is 18 mos. and we go for her 18 mo. check up tomorrow. I am hoping that she is on the growth chart, but if the past is any indication, then I am assuming that she won't be. She is a great sleeper (like her mom) and she has the sweetest attitude about things (also, like her mom!) :-) She sat up for the first time when she was 8 mos and started crawling when she was 10 mos. She has been walking for almost a month now and doing very well. Maggie has been seeing a physical, speech, and occupational therapist since January. We are so proud of the progress she has made since then. Her therapist are so so so sweet and we love to see them twice a month. They show us things I would have never thought of that has/will help(ed) Maggie progress and build strength. We are so thankful for our sweet therapist. The past two months they have all been encouraging us to take Maggie to a MDO or some kind of structured place where she can be around other kids and learn from them. This is also a good way to help her get comfortable around other people, and not so clingy to me. So, today was a new first for us. It was Gi's first day to MDO, and she did great! She stayed the whole 4 hours and I only called to check on her once! When I went to pick her up, she was sitting in the teacher's lap listening to her read a book. All of the other kids were on the floor around them. Of course, it made me feel good that she was being held and loved on. I have had people ask me if I am worried about her development and the answer is NO! I didn't think I would have to carry her into kindergarten or teach her sign language to communicate with her the rest of her life (although, she does know a few signs). Anyway, if I did have to do these things, I would, because that is the way God made her and we love her NO MATTER WHAT! And if you are wondering where "Gi" came from, she has been pointing at herself and saying "Gi" so she knows her name, Yay!!!
"Yes, you are Gi and we love you so much!! Thank you God, for our sweet Gi!"

Maggie leaving for school!

Maggie after school. She looked like this before we got out of the parking lot.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Whew, what a month!!

August (until now) has been such a crazy, weird, scary, fun, and exciting month! I'm not so sure that my body, mind and spirit are up for that many emotions, but I made it through the month and that is what counts.

Recap of the Month:

Mom finds out she has Breast Cancer (early August)
Maggie FINALLY learned to walk (August 12th) YAY!!!
Maddox can now write his name and recognize it - like a pro! (early August)
My Birthday (August 18) my sweet husband took me to Ross Bridge for the night. It was a much needed "get-a-way"
Maggie's first ear infection (August 18th) Bummer
First Alabama game of the season ROLL TIDE! (August 30)
Matt went to the game and Maddox got sick with "something" and was running a temp of 102.4 for about 24 hrs.
Maddox started school (Sept 3)
Maddox started t-ball (Sept 4)
Mom had a lumpectomy and the cancer is gone, but she still has to have radiation. (Sept 4)
Another family zoo trip (Sept 7)
Maggie turned 18 months (Sept 8) Happy half Birthday baby girl!
We have been counting down until our next Disney trip. "T minus 52 days and counting!"

Maddox is loving school this year. He is having the most fun and is learning all kinds of new things. He LOVES his teachers Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Lynn (Mrs. Lemon, as he called her the first day). He has his first t-ball game this Sunday, Sept 14th. I will be sure to post pictures about that soon! We are so excited about being a ball park family this fall ball season. This is one of the big things that Matt has been waiting for, since the day we found out that Maddox was a BOY!

Maggie is keeping me so busy. She thinks that her big brother is the greatest thing ever and she MUST do WHATEVER he is doing. We are so super proud of Maggie for learning to walk. When she decided it was time, she took off! She had not hardly taken a step and on August 12th she took 6 steps in a row. Matt and I were so excited!! She has been improving ever since. We have found out that she is a very determined little girl. She doesn't crawl at all anymore, and she may fall 10 times in getting where she is going, but she is going to get right back up and try again.

Maggie walking!!

Not bad for a 4 year old!

Maddox's first day of school. This is his FROG lunch box, because he is in the FROG class at school.

Example of Maggie doing everything her Big Brother does.

Maddox being a great big brother! He loves his little sister (unless she is crying!)

Mom, me and Patti (mother-in-law) at sip'n'strokes. We had so much fun!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Please stay little forever!!

There is not a day that goes by that I do not tell my kids, "Please stay little forever." I love their innocence and that they are so dependent on me. There are definitely times I get stressed, but for the most part, I LOVE IT!

I know that this may be a little far fetched, but lately I have been thinking about what my kids will want to be when they grow up. Here are my thoughts for today while we were playing...

Maddox says he wants to be a pet doctor. He is such an animal lover, and for his birthday his Uncle B gave him a Dr. kit. So as of today, at the young age of 4, I am guessing a VET!!

"Open up. I'm going to put this stick in your mouth."

Listening to the lambs heartbeat

He didn't quite get this part, but he remembered being scared of it at the Dr.

"I see a bunny hopping in that ear." Just what Dr. Smith would say to him.

"This shot should make you feel better."

Diagnosis: A broken tail!!

What a great little Dr. he is!! Treating his patient with such good care, just like any good Dr. should :-)

Maggie, obviously can't tell me her life dream at the moment, but as for guessing, today I would have to say she wants to be a Mommy. She loves to give her sweet babies a kiss and push them around in the stroller. I have noticed a time or two them getting a spanking from her. She has gotten a swat at the hand a few times, but never a spanking (I'm guessing she has witnessed the MANY that her brother has received!)

Silly girls

Checking on baby Olivia

Wow, they are getting some yards on that stroller! Just like her mommy, always on the go!

And... away they go!

What a sweet little Mommy!!