Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grayton Beach

On Saturday, we returned from a fun beach trip with Matt's family. We stayed in Grayton Beach which is very different than anywhere else we have ever stayed. The house we stayed in was called the "Lollygag" and that is exactly what we did! It was beautiful, breezy and oh so CALM!! I must tell you that we barely left the house we were staying in. Every meal (except for 2 Breakfasts) we cooked, cleaned up and then relaxed. There was NO getting all worked up, getting us and the kids ready to go fight crowds at a restaurant. Did I mention that there were 12 of us all staying in the same house?? Yet, it was still calm (most of the time). I did develop a slight addiction to the Wii bowling game (have you ever played?? You must try it!!) Ping Pong, Old Maid, and 31 were among a list of other games we played, and I got to catch up on my favorite show, Grey's Anatomy. Oh, and the porch swings, they were beds, there were 3. I contemplated loading one in the car and bringing it back home. What a wonderful trip with wonderful memories.

Now... it is back to life (which I am completely OK with).

My 2 babies... who I adore!!

Pop and Maddox

Nana, DaDa and Maggie

Stephanie and Maddox

Our few moments on the beach... ALONE!!

My sweet baby girl

My handsome big boy

Our Family (Matchy, Matchy!!)

DaDa and his Maggierella

Last, but not least, we had to visit The Track!!
Matt and Uncle Brock

Pop and Maddox

Maddox and Maggie on the swings! They both loved it :-)