Monday, January 28, 2008

About the Circus

I am NOT a big fan, but the kids loved it and thought that it was wonderful (that was the most important part!) But, I did not like it one bit! I was a nervous wreck the entire time. It wasn't the animals that made me nervous, I was acutally really calm when they were out. It was the CRAZY people on the motorcycles that got inside the "Ball of Death" and were riding around with 6 other motorcycles inside (That is a total of 7 motorcycles in the ball.) One of them makes one wrong move and they are all goners. Then there was the guy that was basically hanging from the lights BY HIS FEET, without anything but a little cushion under him (No, not a net, a CUSHION!) As we were sitting there, I prayed this prayer...

Jesus, unless my children are excited about scooping elephant poop, PLEASE DO NOT LET THEM JOIN THE CIRCUS!! AMEN!!!

Anyway, It was definitely wonderful to be with my family, but my heart goes out the mommy's who have sons and daughters in the circus.

The "Ball of Death"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Meet our new pet "Quish"


There names are Sally and Lightning. You guessed it... Sally is blue and Lightning is red.

Maddox is so excited about his new "quish." He checks on them about every 5 minutes to make sure they are still there.

And yes, I am already concerned about the day we have to flush them. What are we going to tell him?? As his mommy, that was the first thing I thought about. When something happens to these fish, his little heart is going to break. It already makes me sad to think about it :-(

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little Chef

Maddox is always wanting to help me in the kitchen. Tonight we made enchiladas. He got to sprinkle the cheese on top. He was SOOO proud!!

"Look at me Mommy, I'm sprinklin' the cheese!"

"Sorry about those, Mommy!"

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW, Let it SNOW!!

Just as I was thinking "How embarassing to blog after 2 months of not blogging at all," God gave us an extra fun day of snow and THEN I thought "How could I not blog about this??"
What a fun day we had! Maddox thought that snow was the best thing ever!! This was his first snow that he could remember. I don't think Maggie even noticed it, other than her hands freezing because she wouldn't keep her mittens on.

Sledding with Daddy (Ok, I know that it looks like we didn't have any snow, but a lot of it had already melted.) SAD :-(

Mommy and her snowbabies


His signature look.