Monday, September 29, 2008

Take me out to the ball game...

Since we first found out that we were having a boy, almost 5 years ago, Matt has been looking forward to the day that his son would play t-ball. We have kept our fingers crossed that he would pick up a ball and love it! This past year when it came time to sign up for fall ball we knew he was old enough to play, but he would for sure be the youngest on his team, since he had just turned four. We asked him if he wanted to play t-ball and he said "Sure!" We signed him up and he has had games and practices for the past 3 weeks. He enjoys it as long as there is action, when he is in the outfield he would rather sit in the grass. It is just too cute seeing all of these little boys play ball. They look like little puppies out there chasing the ball. Where ever the ball is hit, they all flock to it, no matter where they are suppose to be playing. We have really enjoyed this season so far. Oh, and I'm thinking about signing up to be "Team Mom" next season... doesn't that sound FUN!!









Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gi ~ My little BIG girl!

When Maggie was born she was 5 lbs. 4 oz. Very small, but she has been playing catch up ever since. Now, she is 18 mos. and we go for her 18 mo. check up tomorrow. I am hoping that she is on the growth chart, but if the past is any indication, then I am assuming that she won't be. She is a great sleeper (like her mom) and she has the sweetest attitude about things (also, like her mom!) :-) She sat up for the first time when she was 8 mos and started crawling when she was 10 mos. She has been walking for almost a month now and doing very well. Maggie has been seeing a physical, speech, and occupational therapist since January. We are so proud of the progress she has made since then. Her therapist are so so so sweet and we love to see them twice a month. They show us things I would have never thought of that has/will help(ed) Maggie progress and build strength. We are so thankful for our sweet therapist. The past two months they have all been encouraging us to take Maggie to a MDO or some kind of structured place where she can be around other kids and learn from them. This is also a good way to help her get comfortable around other people, and not so clingy to me. So, today was a new first for us. It was Gi's first day to MDO, and she did great! She stayed the whole 4 hours and I only called to check on her once! When I went to pick her up, she was sitting in the teacher's lap listening to her read a book. All of the other kids were on the floor around them. Of course, it made me feel good that she was being held and loved on. I have had people ask me if I am worried about her development and the answer is NO! I didn't think I would have to carry her into kindergarten or teach her sign language to communicate with her the rest of her life (although, she does know a few signs). Anyway, if I did have to do these things, I would, because that is the way God made her and we love her NO MATTER WHAT! And if you are wondering where "Gi" came from, she has been pointing at herself and saying "Gi" so she knows her name, Yay!!!
"Yes, you are Gi and we love you so much!! Thank you God, for our sweet Gi!"

Maggie leaving for school!

Maggie after school. She looked like this before we got out of the parking lot.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Whew, what a month!!

August (until now) has been such a crazy, weird, scary, fun, and exciting month! I'm not so sure that my body, mind and spirit are up for that many emotions, but I made it through the month and that is what counts.

Recap of the Month:

Mom finds out she has Breast Cancer (early August)
Maggie FINALLY learned to walk (August 12th) YAY!!!
Maddox can now write his name and recognize it - like a pro! (early August)
My Birthday (August 18) my sweet husband took me to Ross Bridge for the night. It was a much needed "get-a-way"
Maggie's first ear infection (August 18th) Bummer
First Alabama game of the season ROLL TIDE! (August 30)
Matt went to the game and Maddox got sick with "something" and was running a temp of 102.4 for about 24 hrs.
Maddox started school (Sept 3)
Maddox started t-ball (Sept 4)
Mom had a lumpectomy and the cancer is gone, but she still has to have radiation. (Sept 4)
Another family zoo trip (Sept 7)
Maggie turned 18 months (Sept 8) Happy half Birthday baby girl!
We have been counting down until our next Disney trip. "T minus 52 days and counting!"

Maddox is loving school this year. He is having the most fun and is learning all kinds of new things. He LOVES his teachers Mrs. Jenny and Mrs. Lynn (Mrs. Lemon, as he called her the first day). He has his first t-ball game this Sunday, Sept 14th. I will be sure to post pictures about that soon! We are so excited about being a ball park family this fall ball season. This is one of the big things that Matt has been waiting for, since the day we found out that Maddox was a BOY!

Maggie is keeping me so busy. She thinks that her big brother is the greatest thing ever and she MUST do WHATEVER he is doing. We are so super proud of Maggie for learning to walk. When she decided it was time, she took off! She had not hardly taken a step and on August 12th she took 6 steps in a row. Matt and I were so excited!! She has been improving ever since. We have found out that she is a very determined little girl. She doesn't crawl at all anymore, and she may fall 10 times in getting where she is going, but she is going to get right back up and try again.

Maggie walking!!

Not bad for a 4 year old!

Maddox's first day of school. This is his FROG lunch box, because he is in the FROG class at school.

Example of Maggie doing everything her Big Brother does.

Maddox being a great big brother! He loves his little sister (unless she is crying!)

Mom, me and Patti (mother-in-law) at sip'n'strokes. We had so much fun!!!