Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We Heart Disney World!!

We have been back from Disney for a week now, but I have been so busy I haven't been able to post about our trip. We had a great time and as always, we hated to leave!! The kids had a blast and it was even more special because their Mimi was there to ride all of the fun rides with them.

Favorite Rides:
Maddox- has been, and seems like will always be "Buzz Lightyear" He cannot get enough of this ride. The lines were fairly short while we were there, so we would ride, get off the ride, and then ride again... times 20. As you may remember from previous post, Matt and I are so competitive that we would try to beat each other on how many points we could get. Therefore, the ride became more about who got the most points than Maddox riding his favorite ride. Pretty sad and selfish, huh???

Maggie- "Winnie the Pooh" was her favorite ride by far. She would wave to each character as we rode by them... and I do mean everyone of them. She would get so mad as we would wait in line and the honey pot in front of us would load and move on. You have never seen a fit pitched like this one. She could not believe that the honey pot would seriously "drive off" without her. All the while, Maddox standing there saying "this ride is for babies!"

Both kiddos- "It's a Small World" was a huge hit for both of them. Has anyone (Ok, I'm talking about adults here) ever been on that ride and not noticed how it NEVER ENDS?? But, it's for the kids! The smile on their faces is so much better than the ride itself.

This time, there was a new "Toy Story" ride at Hollywood Studios. It was a fantastic ride! Can you believe people would wait in line 85 minutes for 1 ride?? Our family does not have the patience for that. We did wait 40 and can I tell you that it was quite possibly the longest 40 min. of my life... but so worth it!

Maddox thought the Monorail was AMAZING!! Definitely a highlight.

Anyway, enough chatting... here are the pictures







And... for all of you bama fans, we were still supporting THE TIDE while on vacation!!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

looks like such a fun trip! i love the competition on buzz lightyear. sounds all too familiar! glad you had a safe and fun trip!!

RhiDesign said...

So fun! Maggie is getting to be such a big girl!

Did you applique the football on Maddox's shirt??

Miss you guys! Maybe we can plan a get together in January.

Shea said...

Cute pictures! Maggie looks so big!

Jan O'Donnell said...

I had a grate time with my sweet family. I enjoyed spending time with my "Pride and Joy". and riding the rides with them. I am so blessed to have all of you. Thanks for inviting me.

Love you,