Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Happenings....

Wow, have we done a lot this season! With so much more to do!

A few weeks ago we had breakfast with Santa. The morning we were going to see Santa, Maddox asked me, "Mommy, what do I need to tell Santa I want?" This worked out SO perfect. We had already bought all of his Christmas gifts, so I immediately started taking inventory out loud!! I mentioned to him things I REALLY thought he would like, that were sitting upstairs in the closet ready to be wrapped and placed under the tree!! I mean, that one so worked out in my favor!!! Maggie is not buying into the whole Santa thing. Maddox has informed Santa of things that Maggie wants. He is so worried that Maggie will not get anything, because she will not sit on his lap. What a good big brother!

Mimi, Mommy, Maddox and Maggie

Maddox (on his best behavior in the presence of santa) and Maggie (who may not be getting toys because of the way she is acting, according to Maddox)

Maddox, Ethan and Santa

Cousins!! (Mallory, Adrienne, Ethan, Maddox, Maggie and Jackson)

Some of Maddox's favorite play friends are Hayden and Ella. A few weeks ago they came over to play and decorate Christmas cookies. They had a great time together, as always!


Friday night, we had dinner with the Orton's at Chuckee Cheese. Yay, for a fun night with friends! It was so nice going to a place where the kids can run around and not be made to sit in their seat for dinner. With three little ones we needed to be at a place where "A kid can be a kid!"

I will post pictures soon!! (forgot my camera that night, oops!)

Every year Maddox and I make a Gingerbread House. He LOVES this tradition. Maggie is not quite still enough for this fun craft, hopefully she can join in the fun next year! Maddox always says that we are "on a date" when just the two of us do something fun. So, we decided that while Maggie was napping, we would "go on a date and make a Gingerbread House!" I LOVE going on "DATES" with him. SO FUN!

Maddox and his work of art

2008 Gingerbread House

Saturday night we went to ride the Polar Express with my mom, aunt and cousins. It was so much fun!! The kids loved the bells, riding the train, Christmas carols, hearing the book "The Polar Express" read to them, cookies and milk, ornaments, and seeing Santa (again) was a special treat!



Kait, Maggie, Adrienne, Jessica and Mallory

Looking out the window for Santa


Sunday, we had Christmas with my Dad's family. We ate a yummy meal and visited with family that we do not get to see enough. There will be pictures posted soon!!


Allen and Stephanie Drew said...

how fun! looks like your crew is ready for christmas! only 2 more sleeps... :)

Shea said...

Y'all have done a lot of Christmas festivities! I was so not prepared for all the kid stuff this year - guess there's always next year! It looks like y'all had so much fun! Sweet that you and Maddox have your "dates". See you soon!

Kari said...

I love one of those pictures of Maggie, she looks like she is posing so ladylike. I love it. Also, oh my goodness, Maddox is getting so big. Our little boys are not our little boys anymore. SAD!