Thursday, January 29, 2009

Spring Fever!

I realize that it is a little early to be getting Spring Fever, but I am sooooooo ready for some warm weather. I am not a Winter person at all, and I have never been a fan of cold, dark, wet, dreary days. I could seriously just hibernate all Winter.

There has not been a lot going on around here. We are just trying to stay warm and away from nasty colds and runny noses. I have been super pregnancy sick for about two weeks now and I am really hoping that goes away soon. Each time I have been pregnant, I forget how sick I get and then it suddenly hits me. I am 10 weeks now and I go to my first Dr. appointment on Monday. I am a little late going to my first appointment, but when I go I like to see a little more than a bean. At this point of my pregnancy our baby already has fingers and toes, small ones, but they are there. It is already an inch long! YEA!! Hopefully we will get a good picture and I will post it on Monday.

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